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Remanufactured Colour Toner Refills ink cartridges from Inkjet Direct UK

Suppliers of Remanufactured Colour cartridges

Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges - Save cash with quality guaranteed products
HP Quality cartridges

£1 discount voucher for anyprint cartridge returned - Recycle - even if you donot want to recycle cartridges yourself. Your empty has a money value! Send it to us -don't just bin it!

Hewlett Packard

Printer Models

Manufacturers Cartridge NoInk VolumeDelivered Price

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Deskjet 400/500 APOLLO 1200 & 122051626A No.2640mL£12.99
Deskjet 600 - 690 (NOT 610 & 640) APOLLO 240051629A No.2940mL£14.99
Deskjet 600 SERIES APOLLO 240051649A No.4919.5mL £check availability
Deskjet 400/500 APOLLO 1200 & 122051633A No.3330mL£14.99
Deskjet 610 & 640 APOLLO 2100 & 2200C6614 No.2040mL£14.99
Deskjet 710/720/820/850/870/880 890/895/930/950/970/980 990 1100-1600 SERIES G - K & R series51645A No.4542mL£11.99
Deskjet 710/720/810/880/890 1170-1175 /T&R SERIES PSC500C1823D No.2338mL£19.99
Deskjet 810/840/843/845/920 940/960/995/PSC500C6615 No.1542mL£11.99
Deskjet 816/840/843/845C6625 No.1738mL£22.99
Deskjet 920/930/940/950/960 970/980/990/995/1220/P1000 Photosmart Models Officejet g - k & v40 series PSC750 - Fax 1220C6578A No.7838mL£23.99

Lexmark Printer ModelsManufacturers Cartridge Code NoDelivered Price



Samsung-SF3100 FAX

13400HC£check availability                  



13619HC£check availability




Compaq A1000/A1500/IJ1200/IJI400P

Samsung Smartjet SF3150/SF4500/SF4700 Series/SC X1000 Series / Kodak PPM100

12A1970£check availability

3200/5000/5700/7000/7200/Z11/Z31/ Kodak PPM100

12A1980£check availability


Z51/Z52 Z53/Z82/X73/X83

12A1990£check availability


X73/X83/X125 - Compaq A1000/A1500/IJ1200/IJI400P/Samsung SF4700 Series/SC X1000 Series

15M0120£check availability

Z12/Z22/Z32/Compaq IJ600

17G0050£check availability

Z12/Z22/Z32/Compaq IJ600

17G0060£check availability


Compaq IJ650

10N0016£check availability


Compaq IJ6500

10N0026£check availability

Z55 / Z65 / Z65n / X5100

No 82£check availability

Z55 / Z65 / Z65n / X5100

No 83£check availability
We Offer the UK's Lowest Prices on Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges and Delivery is only £2 flat rate but Spend £30 or more and get Free delivery! Toner refills for Laser Printer Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges. Recycle your printer cartridges to help the environment. 100% Guaranteed 100% Full of Ink 100% Recycled - UK's lowest prices, only £2 delivery charge for Orders up to £30, Order over £30 and get Free Delivery only £9.95 minimum order, same day despatch, money back guarantee, secure online ordering. The Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges is suitable for any windows environments and with its simple operator panel is easy to use. It is compact, light and simple to use and is ideal for users that have a tight budget but high expectations. Aimed at professionals in small businesses, remote workers or demanding personal users working in windows environments who need to create professional black and white and colour documents.
"Our refilled cartridge has a Higher capacity. DIY toner refill kits are an easy way to save serious amounts of money? If your laser printer copier or fax machine cartridge is empty!. Donít send it to the Landfill! Refill with quality toner powder and revive it! We supply bottles of toner - a starter refill kit of tools in fact everything you need to make refilling empty Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges a simple job. Inkjet Cartridges InkTec Cartridge Store
Note:- If your printer model is not included in the list of printers please check your cartridge code numbers with those above - new printer models are constantly being introduced to confuse us all

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