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Hewlett Packard

Printer Models

Manufacturers Cartridge No
Ink Volume
Delivered Price


Deskjet 400/500 APOLLO 1200 & 1220
51626A No.26
Deskjet 600 - 690 (NOT 610 & 640)  APOLLO 2400
51629A No.29
Deskjet 400 / 500 APOLLO 1200 & 1220
51633A No.33
Deskjet 610 & 640 APOLLO 2100 & 2200
C6614 No.20
Deskjet 710/720/820/850/870/880 890/895/930/950/970/980 990     1100-1600 SERIES G - K & R series
51645A No.45
Deskjet 710/720/810/880/890     1170-1175 /T&R SERIES  PSC500
C1823D No.23
Deskjet 810/840/843/845/920 940/960/995/PSC500
C6615 No.15
Deskjet 816/840/843/845
C6625 No.17
Deskjet 920/930/940/950/960 970/980/990/995/1220/P1000 Photosmart Models Officejet g - k & v40 series PSC750 - Fax 1220
C6578A No.78
Lexmark Printer Models Manufacturers Cartridge Code No Delivered Price  



Samsung-SF3100 FAX

13400HC 12.99



13619HC 14.99




Compaq A1000/A1500/IJ1200/IJI400P

Samsung Smartjet SF3150/SF4500/SF4700 Series/SC X1000 Series / Kodak PPM100

12A1970 12.99

3200/5000/5700/7000/7200/Z11/Z31/ Kodak PPM100

12A1980 14.99


X73/X83/X125 - Compaq A1000/A1500/IJ1200/IJI400P/Samsung SF4700 Series/SC X1000 Series 

15M0120 14.99

Z12/Z22/Z32/Compaq IJ600

17G0050 12.99

Z12/Z22/Z32/Compaq IJ600

17G0060 14.99

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Inkjet Cartridge

Buying Empty Inkjet Cartridges Recycling

Buying Empty Inkjet Cartridges Recycling injets larger short you wish busy find drive ink life fact board UK cartridges specialists products support honest strong bulk inkjet carts cannon global pc bubble direction jet compatibles house inks follow quick dry inks specialised carrot as home forward become jet wouldn't toner complete ribbons glass brands half building dry level ribbon blue ink sun cover more higher all base bad specialty notice lexmark business rather case play ship let buys. Remanufactured inkjet cartridges are professionally remanufactured inkjet cartridges that are recycled inkjet cartridges designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The remanufacturing process involves inspecting, disassembling, cleaning, and refilling the cartridges. The remanufactured inkjet cartridges are then tested, sealed, and sold and usually come with a guarantee of merchantable quality.

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling allows you to save money and feel good about yourself as well. Inkjet recycling is an excellent economical and environmentally friendly technique to protect your planet for your children. Each time you reuse an inkjet cartridge instead of buying a new one and throwing the old one away you are helping to limit the millions of inkjet cartridges that are thrown away in landfill sites every year. If you use a Canon, HP, Lexmark, Samsung or Apple printer the chances are that your cartridge can be successfully recycled through remanufacturing, recycling or reprocessing.

In order to make their cartridges more friendly to the environment the manufacturers make these print heads robust enough to last longer than the life of the ink in the cartridge which means that when the ink is all used up the printer cartridge is still a usable and workable device if it can be reloaded with ink, or reinked. Most cartridges can last until the third, fourth or fifth recycle before they start to lose quality so remanufacturing can have great benefits to the environment, and also save money for the producer and the buyer of the inkjet cartridge when buying empty Inkjet Cartridges recycling units. The quality of your prints should not suffer either so the system is widely regarded as beneficial to all concerned.

In inkjet cartridges the print head and built in circuitry that perform the job of laying ink onto paper are contained in the cartridge itself, and there can be between 48 and 320 nozzles or jets on the print head that are each smaller than a pin head. A heater or resister then heats or cools the ink inside the cartridge and direct a flow of ink in a variety of colours including cyan, black, yellow and photo cartridge colours.

Professionally remanufactured cartridges are obviously better than those that have gone through a home reinking process, but for many home and business users the basic advantages hold true in either case, because the recycled cartridge performs to an adequate standard for all but the most demanding print jobs. Commercial remanufacturing of inkjet cartridges should also bring a guarantee of quality that will reassure you when you come to print your next big load of documents.