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Hewlett Packard Deskjet inkjet cartridges for HP Printers - Original HP
HEWLETT PACKARD Deskjet 1200 / 1600 / Copyjet Printers
51640ce - 51640me - 51640ye - 51640ae
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Hewlett Packard Cyan Inkjet Cartridge


51640ce Cyan Inkjet Cartridge in stock

 51640 Cyan cartridge

Compatible with: HP Deskjet 1200c / 1600c / copyjet/m  Printers Hewlett Packard Genuine Cartridge


HP Magenta Compatible Inkjet Cartridge


51640me Magenta Inkjet Cartridge in stock

51640me Magenta Inkjet Cartridge

Compatible with: HP Deskjet 1200c / 1600c / copyjet/m


Yellow Compatible Inkjet Cartridge


51640ye Yellow Inkjet Cartridge in stock

51640 Inkjet Cartridges for HP Deskjet printers

Compatible with: HP Deskjet 1200c / 1600c / copyjet/m Printers Hewlett Packard Genuine Cartridge
51640ce  51640me  51640ye Set of 3 Colours Set 3 Colour Inkjet Cartridges


51640 Inkjet Cartridge for HP Designjet printers in stock

51640 Inkjet Cartridges for HP Deskjet printers

Compatible with: HP Deskjet 1200c / 1600c / copyjet/m  Printers Hewlett Packard Genuine Cartridges

The HP DeskJet 1200C printer produces vibrant, full-color output in minutes. DeskJet 1200C printer outputs detailed, presentation-quality - better than most small-format output devices. It puts you in complete control of the design output process with very short turnaround - better than sending your work to a service bureau. The HP 1200 printers give advantages that only HP can offer, including HP reliability for maximum productivity with minimum downtime, genuine HP printer languages, the industry standard for 100% compatibility. In short, only HP delivers a printer that maximizes productivity, day in and day out, at the lowest possible price
HP presents DeskJet 1600, which not only delivers brilliant monochrome prints fast, it also churns out remarkable color images at 300 Dots-Per-Inch resolution. It is ideal for line drawings, presentations, signs, and posters. If fine-quality lines are what you're looking for, the 1600C turns them out in four minutes. Bond paper, glossy paper, clear and matte films are no problem for this printer. 

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