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CIS Questions about Continuous Ink Flow Systems from Inkjet Direct UK

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I have recently purchased a Epson R220. I have been using an R300 with an australian flow system (this printer is now defective) The chip block for the flow system seems non compatable with the R220. Can u help? Brian
Some customers mentioned a difference with the R340 earlier where they described some sort of a bar or change in the case moulding which might prevent the tube travel.
I mentioned this to our current supplier of systems but they did not lead me to think that their system would not work in that printer. I took those off our list of models on the web till I can be certain they work for sure.
Recently, a customer brought in his system (for R220) he had cannibalised the side of the printer to do what he thought would be necessary - I told him I did not think that this should be necessary - anyway his situation was slightly more complicated as I got him to put back in the originals to try to see on the "Status monitor" that all was recognised but he could not get that so the problem he had seemed more fundamental i.e. until he could get the thing to work with cartridges we could not even try the CIS.
The other thing he pointed out was that the cartridge clamp would restrict the tubes. What I note in the instructions for our current system is that this clamp is removed completely to install the CIS. i.e. when removed it will not restrict the tubes.
The only other problem we have to remind ourselves of is that Epson change their cartridge chips for different territories - e.g. R200 for Europe and R210 for Far East and possibly US markets. Identical printers different chips. Whether or not these new models of printer and in particular the "Full on" chips used in the older CIS will be compatible with each other I just can't say - but if the printer does not recognise the cartridges - Even just one of the cartridges - Then that may be the issue. A new set of CIS chips for the latest printers may do the trick - I have some chips for the R200 / R210 / R300 / R310 etc but could not guarantee them for the R220
So although the printers use the same cartridge sets we cannot know what Epson will change next!
Hi Jim
No I didn't buy it from you but can you help anyway ?
I bought the printer and CISS at a computer fair in Manchester a few months the original cartridges have only just run out.
Hopefully yours    Neil
Hmmm - not sure I can tell you much more than what you have done - Try the company you purchased from? - There is one I know who do the fairs and if you bought from them they have a guy who I have spoken to and he is very helpful and knowledgeable on these. Clearly if I had sold the system I would be obligated to get you working. One suggestion
You might be best to get a Chip Resetter (8) reset the originals re-instal these and make sure the printer is A OK with these back in first. Get the "Epson Status monitor" which shows all the ink levels on the screen make sure that is all working then re-install the CIS carts. It could be just one chip as they are wired in series if one is not recognised nothing will work.
You could of course work from the originals - detach the tubes of the CIS carts. (make sure the ink tubes are held higher than the ink container or you will be in a mess) Then instal
the CIS carts singly to ensure that each one is OK - if you hit one that is not - re-instal the original and go to the next CIS cart. That way you may be able to eliminate the prob.
We keep a few spare CIS ("Full on" chips in stock)
The other possibility is - working from the originals back in the printer - download a piece of software from the web - 
This allows you to "Freeze the counters" do that first and then instal the CIS carts again and see if that helps,
Remember to take some precautions for spillage and leakage get tissue or paper towel and spread out a newspaper to set everything on just in case.
Once you are up and running you will be fine it is just getting to that point!
Jim West
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