My Search For Cheap Airline Tickets

My search for cheap airline tickets began like most other internet searching adventures. I was full of hope and excitement, ready to embark on a several hours long excursion, if need be, to find out once and for all who had the best and cheapest airline tickets.

With the cost of fuel continuing to rise, all travel is affected. Most of the major United States airlines are still struggling to recover from lacking sales after the September 11th tragedies several years back and, naturally, these increased costs of operation are passed on to us, the consumer.

My first intuition was that the largest travel agency websites would be my best bet, as the volume of sales seemed to mean I’d have the best chance of finding the lowest ticket prices. While I did find some small discounts on nearly all flights I looked up, it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for and decided to keep looking.

After a few more hours went by and I’d searched for flights at seemingly dozens of travel websites, it seems all I’d discovered was just how much work a person could put into saving only a few bucks on their next airline tickets purchase.

That’s when I decided to try something completely different. I went to the local section of Craig’s List for my area of the world. I browsed around for a while to determine which category would be best to post in, as well as to read some of the other travel related ads.

I saw a couple of ads where people wanted to rent out their homes for short periods of time –one person had a three bedroom house to rent for two weeks and another a hi-rise apartment for one month. Didn’t I have a nice home that I would not be using for the month I’d be away?

So I made an ad, offering rental of my Vancouver home for the month I was away. I received many inquiries and was able to choose someone that belonged to the same activism group as I. Everything worked out very well. I was able to offset the cost of my trip by more than $1200 and helped someone else have a nice and reasonably priced place to stay too. I recommend this type of online trading to anyone looking to benefit and help others too.

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