Airline Reservations

There are all kinds of websites on the internet where you can find good deals on airline tickets, as well as make hotel, car rental and airline reservations. So which one is the best to use? The truth is that most of the huge online travel agencies, such as Expedia or Orbitz, are likely to have just about the same prices for airline reservations.

If you’re willing to dig a little deeper using an internet search engine, then you can find some lesser known airline reservations sites that will have somewhat better discounts on airline reservations. But, many people don’t have the time or patience to find out which of these travel agency websites have the best ticket prices.

There are also comparative airline reservations websites where you can see airline ticket prices from many different airlines and even other travel agencies. Adding search terms such as “compare prices” to your airline reservations search of the internet will help you find some of these comparison shopping sites.

If you’re really looking for a bargain and have some time before your next trip to bargain shop, you may wish to check out some of the travel oriented auction services, such as Priceline. Sometimes you can have very low bids accepted for hotel, car and airline tickets as well, and save several hundreds of dollars on your next leisure or business trip.

Another interesting and creative approach for those of you who have some time to plan and find good deals on airline tickets, is to use one of the trading websites, such as Craig’s List. At these types of websites you can place ads for things to be sold or wanted and others respond with their offers. This can also be really fun and rewarding, helping others to get what they’re looking for while finding just what you need simultaneously.

Either way you decide to go, of course the sooner you start looking for airline tickets, the better your chances are of finding reasonably priced tickets and accommodations. If you wait until the last minute there really aren’t too many options better than making airline reservations directly with the airline you will be using.

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