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ADD - A Gift to Harness

Many people are not aware of the underlying torrents of potential that dwell in someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Those with ADD feel drained when they are in an environment of dull and repetitive nature, but they thrive under those that provide stimulation. They are often extremely aware of their surroundings. Because ADD sufferers do not filter information as much as others do, they tend to notice things that others do not. This may include things such as a black widow next to a stairwell, obscure yet legitimate income opportunities, people or objects out of place and so on. Take it into account for a moment. This translates into potentially dangerous situations being avoided, as well as the onset of lucrative career options. All this is not meant to be dramatic. It is just a point being made that there is more to meets the eye when it comes to people with ADD.

Those with ADD are much associated with "dreamers . They are often seen as people who are not constantly striving to diligently complete their tasks at hand. They are often sitting around and daydreaming. Authority figures have to constantly prod them to finish their duties. Soon enough, the label of "failure" comes into play and others begin to view the ADD sufferer as such. Now remember, the above statement that there is more than meets the eye to them. The ADD sufferer tends to have a more wild imagination than the average person. Those "dreams" he enacts in his head while straying away from tasks at hand are manifestations of his desires to succeed. Underneath, there is much untapped raw energy and potential. The biggest challenge for a person with ADD is focus. His stream of focus is less than optimal. If only he could overcome that and harness his underlying energy, he would become a force to be reckoned with!

Overcoming his lack of focus takes a combination of willpower, determination and discipline. He must exercise his willpower to stay on course when he finds himself straying from goals. Among ADD people, there is a tendency to procrastinate. The raw will of the person is needed to sweep over and consume this tendency. This is not so much something scientific, but something more primal rather. There is not much explanation for it. He just needs to implement his willpower and let it overcome all detractors trying to derail him from his goals. All men who are not mentally handicapped have this ability. It is within all of us. Second, he must possess determination. He must want something badly enough, and pursue it. He must allow this desire and intent to overrule all obstacles that might discourage him from continuing. Again, this is not so much something scientific as it is something primal. His determination must overcome all temporary failures along the way that may tempt him off course. The determination and desire must outweigh the bumps on the road. It all comes down to how bad he wants whatever it is that he wants. Lastly, he must put good habits into practice, by use of his discipline. Since ADD sufferers get distracted easily, it is much harder and takes much longer for them to get back on track. So it is very important that they do not stray in the first place. All these things will take much time, patience and sincere effort. But if mastered, in the fullest extent of the word possible, a world of possibilities will open up. That untapped energy will come pouring forth. The person with ADD will finally understand what it means to "hit the ground running!"

Thus concludes a brief look into what dwells underneath the surface of a person afflicted with ADD. Hopefully it has provided a different perspective as to why such people should not be immediately tagged with the usual clich s of being hopeless failures and dreamers. On the contrary, such a person can be very talented.

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