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The Welfare State And Rights How To Destroy A Civilization

There are no universal human rights . In democratic, parliamentary societies, rights are not given, they need to be earned. Western states have thrived in part to some elementary principles. The Western Enlightenment tradition; Judeo-Christian virtues; liberty; private property ownership; respect for public spaces; transparency; accountability; morality and a code of conduct; and high standards in all practices are just some of the systemic and in some cases ancient traditions that have allowed the West to succeed. Yet most of these are being trampled and broken by states that have created rights documents designed to negate Western tradition and morals and install a victim culture of inverted processes and historical rewriting. This rights culture is as much of a threat to our survival as is Islam.

Equality before the law is the cornerstone of legal jurisprudence in the West, but this has been inverted to become more equality for certain groups before the law, with the political elite handicapped by their left wing fantasy view of the world, picking the winners and losers from society s so-called diverse groups . Thus you have Muslims and gays defended against hate speech but not Catholics or white men. Thus you have Indians able to break any and all civil law but not other citizens. Thus you have certain lobby groups and institutions that support government ideology funded by the tax payer but not those opposed to socialist orthodoxy.

Human rights has usurped democracy and transparency in the West. Human rights is a fundamental building block of the multi-cult diversity club that elitists have signed onto. These elites were also fascinated by feudal rule; communism; nazism and now openly sympathize with Islam. Prince Charles oversaw the building of the famous Finsbury mosque in London which is the epi-center of European Islamic terrorism. Prime Minister Harper in Canada maintains that Islam is a peaceful religion with no connections to terror. The Dutch political and media elite demonized the murdered Pim Fortuyn for writing and speaking out against Islam s violent growth. The daily newspapers and political pundits in Europe routinely denounce Israel and glorify Iraqi insurgents as freedom fighters. The world of human rights has devolved into an inverted reality of victimology and Orwellian double talk where legal rights supersede democratic laws and accountability. We need to eliminate these rights from our society to preserve our freedom.

Human rights grew from the legal elite s fascination with power. In Canada socialists, and one time nazi supporters like Trudeau, fashioned the idea that democracy was too messy a process to be left to the uninformed, unwashed, dirty mass. In order to trump the existing Constitution, parliamentary powers and the rule of the people, socialist politicians erected a fantasy world in which the majoritarian culture oppressed and pummeled the minority culture. The fact that everyone was the same before the law; that due process was similar for each citizen; that laws protected the private interests of all citizens; and that there was never any proof that the majoritarian culture assaulted anyone, was secondary. What was important to the 60s socialist activists and Marxist sympathizers like Trudeau was the creation of a technocratic elite that would run society unencumbered by the dull, dreary, unheroic bourgeois mass with their quaint ideas about liberty and parliamentary privilege. Social control mandated, according to the political-legal establishment, the manufacture of a rights solution.

In the Orwellian world of rights lawyers and the multi-cult political establishment, history has been one long saga of white oppression against non-whites. Thus the modern society must atone for these sins. In Canada this means that more money is sent to native Indians then is spent on the military. Indians enjoy everything from free education [indeed they are paid to attend high school], to preferential job hiring status; to special legal and social rights; to land claims denied to others. In England Islam is funded by the state; the very word Christian is banished from public school names; Christianity is not taught in public schools since it offends attending Muslims; Jews are banned from ownership of the Chelsea soccer team; and the Muslims that killed 50 and wounded 200 on July 7 2005 are labeled troublesome British youth . In Europe Jews are regularly beaten, national identities and cultures assaulted; Christianity ridiculed; and history rewritten where all non-European cultures are divine and good and white civilization a pox on humanity s development.

The victimology of the rights culture knows no boundaries. All non-white, non-heterosexual groups are encouraged to rebel against the majoritarian culture of the West. It is impossible to understand the base stupidity of such an ideal. It was only the West after all that developed laws; a division of government power; freedom; liberty; the eradication of slavery; support for the poor and old; the emancipation of women; and the wondrous scientific, medical and business innovations that have created the modern world. It was the West that defended freedom against fascism, communism and now defends it against Islam. The fact that other civilizations failed; were fed on war, primitivism, slavery, cultism, castes, and non-democratic, non-scientific, non-Enlightened histories, appears not to warrant serious thought. It is only the West and the white man that is to blame.

The rights industry is dangerous because it elevates a judicial elite above parliament and it rewrites history in such a twisted form that even Islamists and Nazi s would blanche at the outright perversity and lies that are peddled as truisms. Yet the palaver of socialist control; rights demands and the victim cult of hatred against the West s majoritarian culture have seized public officials, institutions, schools, universities and the media. It is time to reverse this attack on our civilization and annul those who wish to destroy it. In essence we are breeding our internal destruction thanks to the inverted and perverted vision of socialists and those who hate their own society - much to the glee of Islam I am sure.

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