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Airlines and Economy Of Ethiopia

When you hear the words friendly, multicultural and elegance, one thing comes to mind Ethiopians. Known as the horn of Africa, Ethiopia has a lot of undiscovered treasures.

This East African country is a land of wonder and enchantment, a country with one of the richest histories on the African continent, a land of contrasts and surprises, of remote and wild places, home to cultured and friendly people who are descended from some of the world's oldest civilizations.

Ethiopia is the land of the fabled Queen of Sheba, home of the Ark of the Covenant, the birthplace of Coffee.

Addis Abba

The Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, has so much to offer visitors: the Historic Route, covering the ancient town of Axum, with its amazing carved obelisks, Christian festivals and relics, including the Ark of the Covenant; Gondar, with its castles and palaces. At Dire Dawa you can see cave paintings considered to be thousands of years old. Addis Ababa is home to the African Union.


Ethiopian Airlines has a vision to be Africa s World Class Airline that ensures satisfaction of its customers and other stakeholders.

Ethiopian Airlines will continue to contribute its share towards the development of trade and tourism in Ethiopia through the provision of essential air transport. Ethiopian Airlines will also strive to maintain its role as a major player in aviation in Africa.


Ethiopia's economy is based on agriculture, accounting for half of GDP, 60% of exports, and 80% of total employment. Coffee is critical to the Ethiopian economy with exports of some millions of dollars but historically low prices have seen many farmers switching.

In December 2005 the International Monetary Fund voted to forgive Ethiopia's debt to the body. Under Ethiopia's land tenure system, the government owns all land and provides long-term leases to the tenants.

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