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Planning Is Great - But Be Spontaneous!

We plan for all sorts of things throughout our lives. I m sure I don t need to give you any examples. Planning is involved in much of my professional life, (In goal setting. What are the steps to get to that goal? When can I make it to a networking meeting?) as well as in my home life. (When am I going to the gym this week? What activities do the children have? What am I going to feed us today?) Sometimes, however, it is just great to be spontaneous too! To do something on the spur-of-the-moment, just because it feels right, is something to welcome.

Being spontaneous in our generosity and helpfulness to others can be extremely rewarding. I like the concept of Random Acts of Kindness , where, without any pre-planning, you do something nice for someone without any thought of thanks or reward. For example, paying for the driver behind you at the toll booth, or paying for someone s coffee just as you are about to leave the coffee shop. I am sure that you can think of your own ways of being spontaneously kind and if someone does something similar to you, how about passing it on?

I was reading a very short snippet in a magazine today. It said studies had shown that often those decisions we make with much thought and analysis turn out to be less reliable than those made with just our natural instincts. This is due to the suppression of our intuition. I think I ll be trying to be a bit more impulsive over the next few weeks and see if I achieve any less than I would over the same period where I ve planned everything out. Who knows what will happen if I follow my gut feeling rather than my head? What are you like? Do you like to have your life mapped out ahead of you? Or do you allow yourself some spontaneity as well? Try the impulsive approach for a while and let me know how you get on!

Planning goals and the steps to achieve them is an important way to make them happen. However, just for once, listen to what your natural instincts are telling you. They may be revealing that the goals you are working towards are not really ones that you feel passionate about! Are your goals in line with your values and beliefs? Perhaps this a good opportunity to reflect on this and readjust your goals?

Be impulsive! Instead of thinking too hard about things, just go with it. Deep down you really do know what is best for you. Follow what your intuition is telling you. Your instincts will guide you here. Listen to them. Act on them.

Have you been putting something off? Is what you are avoiding something that you really have no desire to do? If so, how can you work around that? Can you pass the task on to someone else, or is there something else you can do to make it easier? Listen to yourself and trust your own judgement.

Listen to your body. What bit do you need to move today? Is your neck and back aching from sitting too long in front of a computer screen? Get up and do some stretching. Do you need to move your legs a bit? Do you feel like dancing? Swimming? Climbing? Go for it!

Opportunities to be spontaneous will arrive every day. It is up to you to act on them. Don t be afraid of trying something new. You may surprise yourself! Remember the old saying that if you carry on doing the same things in the same way, you ll get the same results? Well, if things are working, that s well and good. However, if things aren t working, then perhaps a new approach is required.

Have you ever tried flinging different paint colours on a large piece of paper? No, neither have I. It just popped into my mind as an extremely spontaneous way to be creative. A little bit scary for someone like me (and possibly someone like you) who likes to plan out my creative activities. I think I might just give it a go! What pops into your head that you usually dismiss? Why not try it? You may be pleasantly surprised!

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