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What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Cell Phone

Buying a cell phone isn't rocket science, yet it isn't such a difficult activity that you need any special advice or 'guides'. However, there might be several pointers that veterans like us can offer to the novices and first time or upgrade buyers. The most important advice remains the evergreen - Know what exactly you want?

I get confused stares when I ask people why they need a cell phone. No, I haven't just landed from Mars, but a phone is more than a must have Oxygen, without which you will fall from the social grace. Yes, I am talking of phone as a mode of communication people! Decide whether you want the phone simply as a mode of talking, as an all encompassing communication device to receive important emails, for entertainment or simply as a palm candy to get maximum roving eyes in the corner bar.

Typically, the more features you crave for, the costlier will be the phone. So, also decide upon your expected budget. Every one of us wants the top-end Blackberry or the latest N-series phone, but it would be far better to stick to not just the basics but the budget as well!

Then there are various add-ons that you might want to consider. One of the most popular mobile features is the camera. If you need high resolution pictures for official presentations or frequently use it in lieu of your regular camera, go for the higher MP models. However, if the phone camera is just meant for getting some portrait shots to set up picture caller Ids, you might prefer to save money by going for a lower resolution.

Similarly, if the phone's media player is extensive, you might need extra memory to store your favourite videos and songs. Pictures from higher MP cameras also take up a lot of space. Therefore, look for a camera that has additional slot for external memory.

The style-conscious individuals will need to pay special attention to the design of the mobile phones as they will be flaunting their favourite accessory 24x7. Choose amongst various designs available in the market like Clamshell phones, Candy-Bar shaped, Sliders etc. Today, there are a number of whacky colour options available in the market to help you break the monotony of Black, White and Silver. You can even colour-coordinate your cell with your evening gown or dinner jacket!!

Whatever be your choice, do remember to take the best service available amongst the existing providers. Otherwise, what use will your fancy cell phone will be if the calls get dropped and you can't hear a thing while on the go!

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