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Cause Of Excessive Sweating

You, a businessperson, are placed in a chair attending an important board meeting. This is one of the pinnacles of your career. The merger of two companies. You, a student, are about to make a speech. In this class you have to make an A on this speech in order to pass. You, a worker need to talk to your boss. You want to ask him for that well-deserved promotion.

Then it hits. The sweats. You begin to perspire profusely. Your face heats up and people incline their heads at you, as if to say "What's up?" The sweating doesn't go away and you are so unnerved by this unseasonal sweating that you botch the merger or the speech or the asking for the promotion. Excessive sweating is a problem that many people suffer from. This article will go over the cause of excessive sweating.

Some sweating is normal while other causes are diseases or side-effects from medicines. Some ordinary causes of sweating are: exercise or exertion, hot weather, alcohol consumption, spicy foods, hot drinks, coffee, synthetic clothing, humidity, and smoking. If this doesn't describe you and you have excessive sweating, we are going to discuss the cause of excessive sweating brought on by stress, anxiety, fear, embarrassment, anger, and nervousness.

Stress is not considered a formal diagnosis by many physicians. However, there are some people who would like to consider it a strong indicator of weakness. Stress is not an indication of weakness, but a body's reaction to stressors or conditions where the person has no control over the situation. The definition of stress is very broad, ranging from physical stress to emotional stress to social stress.

Extreme stressors, for example, are a traumatic accident, death, or an emergency situation. Stress can also be related to diseases. The milieu of stress we discuss here is the stress associated with daily life, the workplace, and family responsibilities, because that is where our lives are mainly affected by excessive sweat. In science, there is "good stress," for example, stress that we might have writing an English paper and "bad stress," say a friend just died. In either case, there is no good stress when discussing excessive sweat, because a cycle is formed in which the stress of sweating causes more sweating and so on.

When we encounter these stressful events in daily life, our heart rate increases and adrenaline rushes through the blood stream, digestive and immune systems temporarily shut down. The neurochemical side of stress is that the human body starts to release catecholamine hormones, epinephrine, and norepinephrin, and glucocordicoid hormones, such as cortisol and cortisone. Whatever the hormones excreted, nervous sweaters know that their response to stress is sweat and large amounts of it.

Whatever the cause of stress and consequently buckets of sweat there are several ways to deal with stress in our lives. One way is yoga and meditation. Yoga creates "a climate of dynamic peacefulness within." Practicing yoga, one builds up natural safe responses to stress. Much of yoga has to do with deep breathing. Learning to deep breath cuts down on the stress of tense or unexpected moments, and cutting down on the cause of excessive sweating, decreases the water coming from your pores.

Meditation goes back to the ancient Rishis or spiritual seers in India. It is used to gain direct knowledge of the nature of the Ultimate Reality. By just focusing the mind on a certain object, idea, or word for a certain amount of time per day will also have the same effect as yoga does.

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