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Epson inkjet cartridges and printer ink supplies inkjet cartridges - Inkjet refill kits from Inkjet Direct

Suppliers of Epson inkjet cartridges and printer ink supplies | Compatible inkjet cartridges Inkjet ink and recycled ink cartridges




Epson Inkjets cartridges are called "Ink Tanks" meaning they do not have a printhead fitted - All modern - current models are to this design where the printheads are built inside the machine and not easily removed for replacement.

Epsons inkjet cartridges can be classed into three main categories

(1) Ink Tanks with sponges

(2) Ink Tanks with sponges and a Chip

(3) Ink Tanks with no sponge inside but with a chip

(4) Category three is further subdivided into 7 Pin and 9 Pin chipped cartridges


If you are filling an unchipped compatible or Epson cartridge you will need to seal the ink outlet holes in the bottom of the cartridge with the tape

For chipped cartridges - If you are filling a compatible cartridge you will need to seal the ink outlet holes in the bottom of the cartridge with the tape. If you are refilling a OEM Epson cartridge this step is not necessary.

If the cartridge is chipped it requires to be reset before refilling to ensure that the chip is OK

"Universal" style inks will not perform well in these cartridges. For good results, use euroink specific Epson inks.

Be sure that you are wearing old clothes, since the first time you fill the cartridge, you may get some ink on your clothes and hands. You may wish to wear rubber gloves if you don't want to stain your hands. We also don't recommend refilling as a family project -- Inkjet ink is highly concentrated and it's amazing what a three-year-old can do with a small bottle of it!


In categories (1) & (2) above the black and colour cartridges are very simple being little more than sponge-filled plastic containers. The black has a single chamber and the colour cartridge is three-chambered. We will deal with the refilling method for this type first.

Fill the syringe with 15 ml. of black ink to fill the black cartridge. Push needle through the label into the sponge, (position indicated) slowly inject ink into the cartridge until the sponge is full.


For the colour cartridges fill a syringe with 6ml. of color ink. Push needle through the label into the sponge of the colour you are filling. Slowly inject ink into the cartridge until the sponge is full.

  Wash syringe thoroughly between filling with each colour or contamination will result
3. Seal the hole(s) made in the top label with tape. If the holes are not sealed properly the cartridge will leak.
4. Unused ink may be returned to the bottle. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use, or use with a different colour ink.
5. Run several cleaning cycles as per printer instructions. If necessary leave cartridge in printer for up to 4 hours this will allow the ink to flow to the print head.
Category (3) Cartridges - These units represent a significant change of design from the Ink Tanks described above. Epson original cartridges no longer make use of a sponge to hold the ink.
Category (4) Cartridges - These are a more complicated variation with a 9 Pin Chip instead of the earlier 7 Pin chips - Epson Original Make cartridges will be almost impossible to refill by normal "Drill and Fill" methods - We think compatibles fitted with Auto Reset Chips will be the best option for home refillers

Both Category 3 and 4 employ several chambers inside the body and a fairly precise pressure equilibrium is necessary for proper functioning. Also in Category 4 there are several segment inside the body where ink does not get into. People may not realise that these contain fresh air and not ink as most would expect!

We illustrate below a method to Refill 7 Pin Chip Epson cartridges. The newer 9 Pin chip cartridges will be similar to that shown below. We suspect that the best bet is to refill compatibles only which must be able to be reset
We recommend that with the new design of Epson compatible that you purchase a "Starter Kit" from us which contains specially designed bungs to properly seal the "Fill hole"

click here for info of kits
This method is a more traditional "drill and fill" method and can work with many compatibles - but is not recommended for Epson original cartridges

Spend over 30 and get Free delivery on inkjet cartridges and laser printer consumables for HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Compaq, Kodak, Samsung, Xerox, Brother and BT.

Remanufactured, compatible, refilled and recycled cartridges are available from stock.

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